PURE TRADITION.

Working with animals is our passion - they truly are our lifeline. Their pasteurized and homogenized milk is rBST and antibiotic-free. Producing a superior quality product for you to enjoy really drives us and we believe that this starts on the farm. We pride ourselves in bottling milk from cow to cup within a few hours, delivering you the freshest milk possible. There is a real sense of pride in having people experience the product we work so hard to produce, and we know that you'll taste the difference. Our goal is to deliver you the best milk you've ever tasted.

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This is the richest, freshest milk from local family farms who treat their cows to open green pastures, the best care available and top quality natural feeds, but not artificial growth hormones. Valley Farms receives their milk supply from local independent family dairy farms that sells their milk exclusively. The farmers share the same philosophy as the dairy, and we work together to uphold our strong family morals. Our farmers willingly have signed an agreement affidavid pledging that their farming practices do NOT include the use of Groth Hormones (rBST). Together, our large family  believes in doing things the old fashion way. What sets us apart is we do it with the highest level of modernization, creativity and innovation. These attributes make the local farms and our company the dairy of choice because together we care about the needs of our customers.

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Suncrest Farms  has been a family owned and operated business for over 50 years and offers world-class milk delivery right to your door. Our award-winning milk is selected from family farms and contains no additives or stabilizers. Just fresh milk, the proof is in the taste! We are well known for our dependable service and quality dairy products.

Since 1961

Our milk is antibiotic and  rBST free, contains no preservatives and is meticulously pasteurized to maintain its fresh taste. You'll find our milk to be significantly fresher and better tasting than any store bought milk you'll ever find. Even our Low Fat 2%, 1% and Fat Free will be rich and satisfying.

This is the milk Grandma use to serve... experience what milk is suppose to taste like!


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