American yellow or White 5lb Pre Sliced

Cottage Cheese 16oz

Cream Cheese 3lb loaf and 5lb Soft Tub

Ricotta Cheese Whole Milk 3lb

Cream Cheese P/C cups


Tropicana Pure Premium

Apple Juice 1/2 Gal.

Citrina Citrus Mango Punch Gal.

Big Squeeze OJ

Our Products

Seasonal & Miscellaneous

Apple Cider 1/2 Gal.

Egg Nog Qt.

Fruit Drinks:

Orange, Punch, Grape, Ice Tea, Diet Tea 1/2 Gal.



MilkGrade "A" Hormone Free

Butter US Grade AA 1lb. Solid or Quarters

Whipped Butter

Extra Large Eggs Grade AA

Sour Cream Pt.

Yogurt Cup 8oz. Assorted Flavors

Homogenized Whole Milk

2% Reduced Fat Milk

1% Reduced Fat Milk

Skim (fat-free) Milk

Super Skim (Tastes just like 2% milk)

Soy and Almond Milks


Organic whole, 2%, 1%, Fat Free

Whole Chocolate Milk Qt.

Butter Milk Qt.


Half & Half

Fat Free Half & Half

Heavy Cream

Light Cream

Coffee Creamer Qt. Vanilla, Hazelnut.

Real Whip Cream 14oz can

1/2oz Creamers 400/ box